I love the way Manfred teaches Swimming. He makes sure I understand every single technique of breaststroke and gives me enough practice for me to be good at it. Thanks Manfred.
Jenny, accountant

It has been 20 years since I had been swimming with my head up on water. After a lesson with Manfred, I conquer the fear and able to put my face in water. Looking forward for my lessons!!!
Ashley, HR

It take a lot of courage for guys like me to pick up swimming at this age (40) but Manfred coaches like a friend and his pace of coaching is just right. It took me 3 lessons to master breaststroke!
Eric, Engineer

I used to learn swimming with another local swimming school. Class size was huge and coaching pace was slow. At last I found Manfred, he is fun and makes learning easy. Would recommend him to my friends.
Hitasha, IT

Lesson with Manfred has helped me so much! I really appreciate the hard work, care, attention, and brilliant analysis you have contributed. Your delivery of the training was superb and incredibly passionate.
Lilian, Banking & Finance

Before learning swimming with Coach Manfred, my son would not even want spend more than 10min in the water. After 4 lessons, my has been asking to play for extra 10min. thanks Manfred.
Priscilla, Parent of Sean

Russell is a very firm and effective swimming coach. Not only is he able to compel your child to swim properly, he conducts the lesson in a productive manner so as to not waste time. He is a coach who strives for your child’s improvement and achievement. He also takes the time to correct the child’s stroke to set a good foundation. I strongly recommend Russell as a swimming coach if you are looking to bolster your child’s confidence and skill in swimming.
Meggie Lee, Parent of Augustus

We started training with Russell as a group of five in our twenties around October 2013. None of us had any prior experience in swimming, and probably none of us really intended to take the training too seriously. But Russell had a way of making his lessons enjoyable, motivating and productive. The sessions often got intensive, but were adequately paced and would leave us with a great sense of achievement every week.

We were very satisfied with his efficient teaching methodology. He was very patient with all of us, even though there were so many times we gave him reasons not to. And he would never mind repeating the same instructions, even adjusting his feedback according to our individual performances, and to the nitty gritties of the particular stroke under consideration. But he knew well when to be strict and push us!

There is no doubt his lessons reflected significant technical as well as pedagogical skill and experience. We enjoyed the sessions so much that we ended up training with him for a little over a year. We had started with absolutely no swimming skill, but now are quite comfortable with all the four major strokes (including the demanding butterfly – which he taught us only after we had developed the required endurance). I would confidently recommend Russell Wang to any one looking for a friendly, skilful and experienced swim instructor who gets results!
Shahzor Ahmad (Teaching Assistant)
Arsalan Mansoor (Firmware Engineer)

My eldest son started taking swimming lesson with Coach Russell 2 years ago when he was in Primary 1. He has always been very fretful of water, and will not step into any pools whereby his legs could not touch the ground of the swimming pools.

After taking lesson with Coach Russell, he is not only not fretful of water. He is now requesting to go swimming everyday! We are very happy with his progression. Our second son who is 4 years old had recently started lesson with Coach Russell, after 3 month he is able to kick and breath confidently with minimal assistance.

Would recommend Coach Russell to any parents who is looking for swimming coach
Felicia, Self employed

I am very happy with the progress my children have made. Both their swimming skills & their confidence in the water have improved tremendously since they started lessons with coach Russell. The swimming activities are challenging & fun & Amy & Alec look forward to their weekly lessons.
Fiona, Parent of Amy & Alec

My daughter, aged 6, started lessons with coach Russell in Jan 2015. Previously due to her fear of water, I’d assigned an individual coach at a private condo. After she had conquered her fear and which I was very grateful to her previous coach, my daughter didn’t progress much due to her precocious nature. Hence, I stopped her lesson.

I searched the net and by coincident, my daughter was assigned to coach Russell. I must say that group lesson worked very well for my daughter in such that, first, there’s friends to motivate her, as compared to an individual lesson. Also, the kids are of the same age.

Of course, most grateful to coach Russell, is that, he is very strict (much needed for an active child), he managed to make the lesson strict yet not intimidating, stern yet patient and fun. There were laughters when I attended a lesson just once. No scolding nor pressure to a 4-6yr olds n yet firmed enough to handle a class of active kids and managed to complete an hour of lesson, I’m impressed! Also to mention, at the safety level, Russell was very attentive to ALL of his students. (As again only the lesson I happened to be there, once n not arranged )

I’m a working mom and happy to note tthat my girl can be independent after just two months of lessons and from the feed back of my helper n my hubby who occasionally accompanied them, her improvements was tremendous. By the third month (which I was there to witness), my daughter was trying to swim in the adult pool albeit aided but independently, kudos to Russell, thanks so much
Mrs Kiang, Parent of Charlotte Kiang

Russell is a highly committed, dedicated and competent swimming instructor. He is patient, encouraging and my children enjoy swimming from him. Given his humorous and jovial personality, my children look forward to their swimming lessons. They are now confident swimmers and have made vast improvements in their swimming techniques. We are thankful and grateful to Russell for his effort.
Parents of Callista and Charlene