What is the best age to learn swimming for kids?

We believe the best age to start swimming is at the age of 5. It is because kids at that age are better able to take instructions and perform their skills.

Am I too old to learn swimming?

It is never too old to pick up swimming. The only concern is the possible physical limitation in performing certain swimming skills with age.

What can my child expect on the 1st lesson?

Your child will be learning the basic skills leading to progressive training for improvement.

Does parent need to be around during the 1st lesson?

We will prefer for parents to be out of sight from your kids during the first few lessons.

What do I need to bring on my 1st lesson?

You will need a pair of goggles and swim attire. Floatation aids will be provided by the instructor.

My Child has asthma, is my child suitable to learn swimming?

Swimming is one of the best exercises for asthma because it strengthens the muscles for breathing. It also exposes your lungs to the intake of warm moist air, which itself is unlikely to trigger asthma symptoms.

Will my child be certified?

Yes, we offer certification under swimsafer and STA.

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